Yellowfin Sole & Yellowfin Tuna

An Important Siam Canadian Product

Yellowfin sole or limanda aspera is a long living and slow growing fish. The yellowfin sole are found on the outer shelf in winter and moved to shallow waters to spawn and feed in summer. Trawl catcher processors primarily target Yellowfin sole.

Yellowfin sole is an important Chinese seafood. Most of the yellowfin sole goes to China where it is reprocessed into frozen skinless, boneless fillets. We at Siam Canadian do not make Yellowfin sole fillets from cheap Russian raw materials. We follow strict quality control measures while processing yellowfin sole. Our state of the art laboratory checks the product for microorganisms. Our dedicated quality control team maintains a steady and constant evaluation procedure.

Yellowfin sole was the first target species of distant water fleets. Since 1982, the improved condition of the resource has again allowed higher catches. Since the early 1960s Yellowfin sole catches have been mainly utilized for human consumption.

As Siam Canadian has interlinked offices strategically located throughout Southeast Asia, we can procure an abundant supply of Yellowfin sole and Yallowfin Tuna and satisfy completely the demands of our customers. Without compromising on the quality of fish we can consistently deliver our supply at the best possible current market price. We have a highly professional buying team, which manages all aspects of the supply chain. Therefore, we are a contact point on whom our customers can depend upon without any doubts or anxiety.

Siam Canadian remains constantly in touch with the local printers and packaging manufacturers in each market. Therefore, we are able to produce customized labels, bags and other packaging for each customer.

Yellowfin sole females reach 50% maturity at 30 cm and are highly fecund, producing one to three million eggs. Yellowfin sole & Yellowfin Tuna is the primary target of trawl catcher processors. Fishing of yellowfin sole and yellowfin tuna occurs throughout the shelf area. Yellowfin sole were over exploited by foreign fisheries because of which annual catches declined. This increased in 1980s which resulted in increased catch by foreign and joint venture operations. The fishery became fully domestic in 1991.

Siam Canadian sources and delivers an extensive variety of frozen and other value added seafood products, this fish being one of them. The products are procured from around the far east. There is a high demand for Yellowfin sole and Yellowfin tuna meat. Each customer requirement is unique. We make it our business to meet these needs in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We are consistently trying to improve our product offerings and operational efficiencies. We listen carefully to you, who are our customers and do our best to give you the best business bargain. We source Yellowfin sole and Yellowfin tuna from the industries’ premium processors. As we have volume purchasing power, that is why we can give it to you at a highly competitive price. At the same time, we can give you independent packaging for each purchase, with your own brand and private label. We are most capable of meeting all your demands.

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