Green Mussels and Scallops

Competitively priced Green Mussels and scallops from Siam Canadian

The biological name of Green Mussels is Pernaviridis. They attach to hard surfaces with tough byssal thread and may also form dense layers. This may clog seawater intakes, and foul up the hulls and engines of boats.

The farming of Green mussels is widespread and well established as a commercial activity in China, New Zealand and Australia. The farming is done from the grow out of juvenile mussels(spat) on ropes suspended from bamboo or metal rafts.

Siam Canadian has an extensive network of trusted partnerships within Asia’s complex seafood industry. This provides us with the critical knowledge and timely information necessary to both maximize efficiency and minimize cost of fulfillment for Green mussels.

We at Siam Canadian have built up our world class reputation and have become one of the industry leaders in sourcing and delivering the highest quality Green Mussels and scallops to major buyers worldwide. We also have interlinked offices strategically located throughout Southeast Asia – including Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar(Burma), China and India.

For the cultivation of Green mussels and scallops, the farming operation needs the right to occupy land held under traditional ownership. Local partners facilitate such arrangements like water, electricity and telephone. Therefore, Siam Canadian along with its people on the ground are able to supply Green Mussels and scallops at highly competitive prices. For typical mussel and scallops farming operations, minimum shore facilities are required at the farming site. A basic store house/ cleaning shed is necessary for the cleaning and packing of the product at harvest time, as for materials storage and maintenance task. Refrigerated storage facilities can be located at the farms’ site. Harvesting can be possible all the year round with proper scheduling of spat planting and raft maintenance.

Imported Green mussels and scallops come fresh, frozen or partly processed. The local supermarkets in Southeast Asia sell Green Mussels at retail prices and they are available as prepared dishes in most restaurants and hotels. According to the end use requirements, Green mussels are imported both with or without shells.

Green mussels and scallops are highly prized at social functions like weddings, family gatherings and birthdays. Siam Canadian can offer you the best quality Green mussels and scallops at a very favorable prices.

As a considerable export market potential exists for Green mussels, Siam Canadian would like to target a mix of domestic and external markets, and set up well established regional service and sea freight services. Our processing partners get locally available skilled tradesmen such as boat builders, carpenters, and refrigeration, electrical and plumbing contractors. There are also farm laborers, skilled small boat handlers and divers in the farm site.

Thus our contract factories work out the packing workshop facility, refrigeration plant utilities, raft construction and import of muscle spats in its working capital. We target the international market of Green mussels and scallops, and can supply it at extremely reasonable prices.

Siam Canadian is one of the industry leaders in sourcing and delivering of the highest quality frozen seafood products like the Green Mussels and Scallops to major buyers worldwide.

Siam Canadian Group Frozen Seafood Exporters 

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