Horse Mackerel

Horse Mackerel, Cuttlefish, China Monkfish

Siam Canadian’s Horse Mackerel, Cuttlefish and China Monkfish are highly in demand

Horse Mackerel – It Is A Popular Fish Consumed All Over The World.

The King Mackerel has an iridescent bluish green black and silvery sides. This fish is found nearshore or offshore. These schools of fish migrate from South Florida waters in winter to more Northerly waters in spring. In summer and autumn, they move in huge schools along the coast of Norway. Horse Mackerel is a pelagic fish and it can move at a great speed. The commercial fishing for Mackerel is done in the summer months. The fishing is done from boats which use nets and trolling lines along the coast. Mackerel is sold frozen, salted, smoked and canned.

The blue Horse Mackerel is found in the southern half of Australia. It has a fine texture, but is oily with a strong fishy flavor. Smoked blue mackerel is a very tasty dish.

Atlantic Mackerel has a blue green body with a silvery white under belly. 20-30 black bars run across the top half of their body. They are generally found inshore and offshore. Atlantic Mackerel are seasonal migrators that move in dense schools. This fish is greatly enjoyed during meals.

Siam Canadian sources its frozen Horse Mackerel (Scomber Japonicus) from Myanmar, China and India mainly. We provide high quality Mackerel which can be cooked in various forms. Our quality is unbeatable and so is our price. We have a very big market for frozen Horse Mackerel and we can proudly say that we have a long list of satisfied customers.

Cuttlefish- It Has A Distinctive Taste.

Cuttlefish have a large head ringed by tentacles and an internal cuttle bone. They are soft bodied marine cephalopods. A cuttlefish when threatened will squirt Sepia ink into the water and hurry away using a form of jet propulsion. They have neutral buoyancy. This creature is also very intelligent. On an average the cuttlefish is about one feet long.

Siam Canadian sources its cuttlefish from Thailand, India, Myanmar, and Vietnam and processes an exports it to various parts of the world. There are some very typical pockets where the cuttlefish is very much enjoyed. We buy it in bulk and export it frozen to our valued customers.

China Monkfish – A Tasty Fish, Certain Parts Of Which Are Eaten.

China Monkfish are sea fishes. They have very broad, depressed heads and enormous mouths. Their teeth are long and sharp and they have a mobile spine that can be angled forward in such a fashion, so that it dangles in front of the fishes mouth and can be wriggled like bait to lure its prey.

China Monkfish come to the market with their heads removed and only their tails are sold in the market. The market for tails and other body parts has been growing rapidly over the past decade. There is a good market for Monkfish tails and livers. The tail meat of the China Monkfish is delicious: dense, sweet and very similar to lobster tail meat in both flavor and texture. China Monkfish is an excellent low fat, low cholesterol source of protein and B vitamins.

Siam Canadian sources this China Monkfish meat from China. As there is a very good market for China Monkfish liver and tail, these parts are processed and frozen, and then exported to various parts of the world. We at Siam Canadian always give priority to our customers. We therefore offer you the best quality Monkfish at an extremely reasonable rate.

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