India Fish

A Delicious Variety of Freshwater Fishes

Two very important facets of the Indian economy is fishery and aquaculture. Out of this, Andhra Pradesh accounts for about 25-30% of India’s total seafood exports.

India is a land of exotic fishes. A huge variety of India fish are available in the coastal waters of India, harvested by local fishermen. These fish can be put under the heading of India fish. There is a great demand for India fish in the world market. An exotic variety of India fish are exported to countries all over the world.

India fish is very delectable and greatly in demand in the western countries. Indian cooking is more inclined towards spicy food and the west is showing a definite but gradual inclination towards this kind of food.

The Western world has now acquired a taste for spicy food, as compared to the bland food which was their normal intake before. In order to make eating a rich experience, the demand for Indian fish is now on the rise.

Indian fishes can be flavoured and cooked in very many ways. The use of special Indian spices and herbs make them even tastier. Fish from India now definitely forms a part of their lunches and dinners. A lot of restaurants in the West now cater to variety of imported India fish which are imported from India.

Siam Canadian exports an immense variety of high quality fishes from India and keeps up a steady supply of these fishes to the world market. The various types of fishes are:

Tilapia, which is imported Whole Round, Whole Gutted, or even fillets.

Hilsa, one of the tastiest of Indian fishes sold Whole Round.

Another variety of white fish is Rohu, which is sold as Whole Gutted or Steaks – Block Frozen.

Mrigal is sold Whole Gutted.

Ayer, another flaky white fish is sold Whole Gutted or Steaks – Block Frozen.

Boal is sold Whole Gutted, Catla as Whole Gutted or Block Frozen Steaks.

Another very delicious variety of fish is Chital, which is sold Whole Gutted.

Some other varieties of India fish which we sell are Reef Cod, Spanish, Mackerel, Indian Mackerel, Pomfret, Ribbon fish, Black Sea Bream and Sardines.

Siam Canadian works with local factory in India – Vishakapatnam, although it is a Thailand based company. These locally interlinked offices provide the expertise and knowledge of the local people.

Fishes which fall under the category of India fish is harvested mainly in the coastal waters of Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. Soon after this, it is taken to the local Siam Canadian factory, where a very dedicated team checks the fish meat for quality. Only the top quality fishes are taken. It is then checked for germs for germs or micro bacterial organisms. Following this, the fish is frozen and packed into clean containers and shipped.

At Siam Canadian, we also provide India fish at very competitive prices. We cater to all your needs in the best possible manner. If you come to us, you will have no cause for complaint.

Our procurement team procures India fish in bulk. Hence we can provide you with any amount that you need. Since 1987, we have been steadily growing and have now acquired a definite footing as a market leader. Our motto is to give maximum benefit to our customers.

Siam Canadian Group Frozen Seafood Exporters 

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