India Seafood

An Exotic Range of Top Quality Fish and Seafood

India is a land of exotic fish and seafood. A huge variety of fish and other seafood products are available in the coastal waters of India, harvested by local fishermen. These fish can be grouped under the name “‘India seafood”. This India seafood is exported to various parts of the world market, as there is a great demand for it.

Because of the great demand for India seafood, the Indian fishery and aquaculture industries are very important parts of the Indian economy. The fishing industry backs up the Indian economy to a great extent, specially the aquaculture sector.

Indian seafood is very palatable and highly appreciated in western countries. The Indian palate flavor spicy food and the western culture is now showing a gradual but definite inclination towards this kind of recipe.

The western world which has traditionally been used to less spicy fare has developed and acquired a taste for exotic dishes. This India seafood satisfies their taste buds, but also makes meals a rich eating experience. Hence the demand for India seafood is on the rise.

Cooked with special Indian spices and herbs, these Indian fish can be flavored and cooked in a variety of ways. People abroad are fast learning the ways and means to make delicious lunches and dinners. Even the restaurants serve Indian meals to a huge crowd.

Indian seafood is one of Siam Canadian’s highly priced range of products. We at Siam Canadian can provide you with a wide variety of India seafood. Some of them are Tilapia, Hilsa, Rohu, Mrigal, Ayer, Katla, Boal, Chital and others. These are sold Whole Round, Whole Gutted, or even as fillets.

Siam Canadian is a Thailand based company with offices in Vishakapatnam, India. By locally inter-linked offices, Siam Canadian can make use of the expertise and knowledge of the local people. India seafood is harvested mainly in the coastal waters of Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. It is then brought to the Siam Canadian’s processing partners factories, where it is checked for quality. Our sincere and dedicated quality control team checks the fish and selects only the top quality product. The fish is then carefully inspected for gone over with a fine tooth comb and checked for micro bacterial organisms and other contamination. It is then frozen and packed into clean, hygienic bags and cartons for shipment.

At Siam Canadian, apart from giving you the best quality fish we also provide you with very competitive prices. You can rely on us to give you the best business deal. As we procure in bulk we can provide you with any amount of Indian seafood. We constantly evaluate our business and make improvements to give maximum benefits to our customers. Please get in touch with us.

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