India Shrimp

One of Siam Canadian’s Largest Export Volume Items

The largest concentration of India shrimp farming in India is found along the east coast in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal where there are large coastal flatland converted into farms. In Kerala, the farming is done mainly on paddy fields converted into shrimp farms on the fringes of backwaters. As there is a growing demand for India shrimp in the markets abroad, farmers in Kerala have converted uneconomical paddy fields into farms by taking them on lease. India shrimp is mainly imported to the US market in the frozen form.

India shrimp is a very high quality product and is well accepted in the International market, specially the US. India shrimp dense white meat, cooked and fried with various spices and herbs or prepared in any numbers of ways makes the dish extremely popular.

Siam Canadian with its interlinked offices throughout Asia, makes good use of local expertise and knowledge. Our packing partners procure shrimp from local harvesters.

Our product is carefully checked in the state of the art laboratories. Our dedicated quality control team carefully checks out the quality of the product and only the best is made ready for shipment.

Siam Canadian has volume purchasing power. Since we buy in large quantities, our prices are also very competitive. We can meet your demands and give you quality stuff at reasonable rates. Our India shrimp range includes Black Tiger, Freshwater, Karrikaddi, Poonvall, Pink and Brown shrimps.

Since its inception in 1987, Siam Canadian has gradually grown and can now take its place among one of the market leaders. We get strategic market information at the right time and act accordingly. Accuracy and efficiency are our most positive qualities. Our motto is to deliver the best. Hence, you can safely come to us and be confident that all your needs will be met.

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