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Black Tiger Shrimp

The Finest Quality Black Tiger Shrimp and Red Shrimp from We at SiamCanadian.Com offer the highest quality Black Tiger Shrimp and Red Shrimp which include the full range of frozen raw and cooked, headless, EZ Peel, and peeled tail on/off Black Tiger Shrimp.

Production of Our Black Tiger Shrimp and Red Shrimp is constantly monitored to maintain the highest quality standards from our centers in Chile, Canada, Argentina, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, China and India. We consistently deliver the highest quality frozen seafood products from across Asia.!

For a single-point, hassle-free and safe supply source, contact us at We have one of the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced buying teams who source and procure consistently top quality Black Tiger Shrimp and red shrimp from the complex Canadian/ Asian seafood industry.

We export Black Tiger Shrimp and red shrimp to importers on four Continents.

We have international procuring resources, combined with the strictest quality monitoring procedures.

We at SiamCanadian offer state-of-the-art processing and packaging facilities and also customize your packaging services locally, with your own brand and private label.

Black Tiger Shrimp are most widely distributed and marketed shrimp in the world today. It has become a staple in all retail and food service product lines.

Prior to shipping, our Black Tiger Shrimp and Red Shrimp follow stringent quality control measures to guarantee the highest quality delivered to you.

Our Black Tiger Shrimp and Red Shrimp products – a detailed view with their package sizes.

For your and our buyer’s convenience, SiamCanadian offers Black Tiger Shrimp and Red Shrimp in various forms and different sizes. We offer Raw Headon Shellon, Raw Headless Shellon, Raw Headless Shellon Easy Peel, Raw P&D/PUD Tail-on, Raw P&D/PUD Tail-off, Shrimp Rings Skinpacked with Cocktail sauce & clear dome or in printed inner box with or without sauce, and Shrimp Wedges skinpacked with cocktail sauce.

While Black Tiger Shrimp and Red Shrimp can be classified as “medium” and “large”, our own industry sizing is based on a per pound value. For Black Tiger Shrimp labelled 21/25, there will be between 21-25 shrimp per pound. This means that the smaller the number, the larger the size.

Most Black Tiger Shrimp have size specifications of 16/20 0r 21/25, while both smaller and larger sizes are also available. As a rule, the larger the shrimp, the higher is the price. Black Tiger Shrimp is the largest of the commercially available shrimp species, and usually has a harvest size that averages 9-11 inches.

The eye-catching shell coloration and ultra-consistent grading make the Black Tiger Shrimp one of the best buys for a global market.

Black Tiger Shrimp get their name from the dark stripes that encircle its shell. Also known as giant tiger prawns, or tigers, when cooked, their meat turns white and the black tiger stripes on the shell turn a bright red, making it very attractive for potential customers.

Black Tiger Shrimp are farm-raised under the strictest condition, providing for a lean,firm flesh and mild flavour. These are the largest and most flavoured of the shrimp family, yet their flavour is mild enough to please the tastebuds of even the most finicky eater. Black Tiger Shrimp are a delicious addition to any healthy diet. These all-natural shrimp are totally free of saturated fat, and are a significant source of protein and vital nutrients and minerals- all with fewer calories than chicken, turkey or beef. This means that your end customer gets the value-add-on of eating healthy food and the right food, the right way!

Black Tiger Shrimp and Red Shrimp are widely available all year round, though prices could be lower in February and September, as supply of farmed shrimps peaks during this time.

Our competitive prices, global and year-round availability and hi-grade quality have won us global industry leaders as our customers, and we hope to be doing business with you very soon!

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We export and sell the finest in Thai, Myanmar, Chinese and Vietnamese frozen seafood globally. That means that we get to you first with our products- wherever you might be. So if you are an importer who sells to wholesalers, top-of-the-range supermarket groups or restaurant chains, we are definitely the right people to talk to! So do call, fax, e-mail or snail-mail us to confirm your order.

For price quotes and any further information about our black tiger shrimp and red shrimp products, feel free to call us today at:

Siam Canadian Group Frozen Seafood Exporters 

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