Siam Canadian is an industry leader in sourcing and delivering the highest quality frozen seafood products to the foremost buyers across the globe. Siam Canadian has built a remarkable status on the knack to tailor programs, always deliver supply that meets demand, an uncompromising quality of product and the best possible current market price for each order. Siam Canadian is one of the leading suppliers of frozen seafood materials like frog legs, shell fish, Sushi, Sushi Topping, Surimi, Sashimi, beef, freshwater shrimp, Black Tiger Shrimp, Cephalopods among others across the globe. Surimi refers to a food product typically made from white-fleshed fish that has been pulverized to a paste and attains a rubbery texture when cooked.

Surimi is a much-enjoyed food product in many Asian cultures and is available in many shapes, forms, and textures. The most common surimi product in the Western market is imitation or artificial crab legs. Surimi is a useful ingredient for producing various kinds of processed foods. Sashimi is similar to sushi, primarily consisting of very fresh raw seafood, thinly sliced into pieces. Surimi is mainly made mainly from Cod, pacific whiting and Pollock. These processed in such a way to make it look, taste, with the similar texture as that of crab by adding natural additives. Main derivate products are seafood balls, Imitation crab sticks, imitation crab chunks, imitation shrimp, Seafood salads etc. Raw Surimi must be held at -20°F. Processed Surimi seafood’s may last up to year if frozen; 60 days if refrigerated. The main advantage of using Surimi based is that it gives the sample perception of having the real crab /shrimp or lobster at the fraction of the cost.

Vietnam is likely to surpass Thailand as the world’s leading shrimp, sushi and surimi exporter. Thailand has become the largest black tiger shrimp exporter with billion in exports in 1994. For years, frozen shrimps have been one of the leading food exports of Thailand, eleventh amongst Thailand’s largest exporting products with an export value of USD million. Exports of Thailand shrimp, sushi and surimi can be improved with new market penetration, promoting new products, and supplying uncontaminated shrimp products.

Let us know if you would like to import Surimi and related products as per your custom specifications and style. For further details about Sushi, Sushi Topping, Surimi, Sashimi, tiger shrimp, freshwater fishes or any other seafood products, please Call us at +66-2-185-3311 or e-mail at

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