Thailand Seafood

Top Quality Thailand Seafood from Siam Canadian!

Red Mullet & Red SnapperNow you can source the highest quality Thailand Seafood from Siam Canadian. Thailand has one of the worlds largest seafood industries processing and exporting an enormous variety of products from basic raw frozen through the full range of semi processed and valued added on Thailand seafood products.

We source and procure our Thailand seafood from a select group of Thailand’s most modern and hygienic processing facilities. We at Siam Canadian are proud to offer you our complete selection of Thailand seafood, all with the Siam Canadian standard of quality and Thailand seafood always at highly competitive prices.

Thailand seafood production has garnered a reputation worldwide as the industry leader with consistently high quality and reliable delivery. Its quality has in fact become the industry standard and therefore the obvious choice for the restaurant, retail, food service and processing sectors.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable buying team combines local knowledge and expertise with international standards bringing you the best there is in Thailand seafood.

Our Thailand seafood processing criteria follow stringent sizing, weighing, and general quality standards and our strict quality control measures ensure that you get the consistently top quality Thailand seafood.

We also offer our clients customized packaging services providing specialized buyer’s brands and private labels.

Our large scale buying also gives us volume purchasing power, which results in highly competitive pricing for Thailand seafood products.

You also get instant access to real-time market information, an indispensable asset to assist in making the right decisions in the fast moving Thailand seafood market.

Siam Canadian provides you the importer a wide ranging international source, production monitoring procedures, and comprehensive quality inspection of every container prior to shipment.

For the latest product price quotes or any other information on Thailand seafood, please contact us at:

Siam Canadian Group Frozen Seafood Exporters 

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