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The sea bass whose scientific name is Lates Calcarifer, belongs to the family of fishes known as perch. Sea Bass is an Australian fish which is nationally and internationally famous. Sea Bass is a highly prized catch and has splendid sporting qualities.

Sea Bass is normally an inhabitant of tropical and sub tropical countries, ranging from southern China to the Persian Gulf and across the equator to northern Australia. The sea bass generally lives in slow moving or still, muddy waters of rivers, creeks, swamps and estuaries. They sometimes are found in near shore islands and reefs.

There are seven distinct varieties of sea bass in the northern Australian rivers. Breeding takes place from mid October to January. An adult sea bass can grow to 1500 mm, and weigh 55kg. The fishermen harvest fish which is 500 to 700mm in length. The sea bass also changes its sex. Most of the Sea Bass start off as males and then change into females after one breeding.

The Vietnam sea bass eats smaller fish, prawns, crabs and smaller sea bass. They are therefore cannibalistic in nature.

The Vietnam sea bass fetches a high price and has a good consumer demand. This is a rapidly growing industry. The main bulk comes from Australia although Sea Bass is farmed in many countries in south east Asia.

Siam Canadian with its strategically linked offices in Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Burma, India is a major exporter of Vietnam sea bass. We procure the fish and it to our local processing units. Our quality control team is very efficient. Having checked the fish for quality, it is processed and packed into germ free containers and shipped.

We have access to real time market information from the International Market. We are therefore able to provide you with excellent quality sea bass at extremely competitive prices.

Since Siam Canadian’s inception in 1987, it has been steadily growing and today occupies a very important place in the Global Market. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. We can also locally customize your order and give it your own brand name and label.

Siam Canadian sells Vietnam sea bass as (1) Whole GGS and (2) Fillets. We have a long list of satisfied customers who keep coming back to us for buying Sea Bass. Sea bass as a fish product has immense potential market value and we at Siam Canadian can match up to your needs perfectly.

For price quotes and any further information on Vietnam Sea Bass, feel free to call us today at:

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