Alaska Pollock

The Perfect Whitefish – Alaska Pollock

We at Siam have been procuring the highest quality Alaska Pollock, which stands next to no other white fish, as far as flavor, texture and color goes. Alaska Pollock is a food item which encompasses every segment of the food service market from fast food to white table cloth restaurants. Alaska Pollock is very delicious, poached, baked, broiled, steamed, sautéed, or deep fried.

Generally the Alaskan Pollock is caught in Alaskan water also in east Russian water. The fish is frozen on board and generally processed in headless gutted form. This is then re-exported mainly to China, where in further processing is done. The main export item is Alaskan Pollack Fillets. Alaska Pollack fillet is treated with STPP (soaked in STPP), depending on the buyer request of soaking and glazing percentage. Siam Canadian can offer Alaskan Pollock on 100% net weight basis without any chemical treatment as requested by the customer.

Siam Canadian gets Alaska Pollock from the cold, clear waters of Alaska and the North Pacific, which is the world’s largest resource for Pollock. Since Alaska Pollock is available all the year round, we can consistently serve a high quality white fish to valued, increasingly quality conscious customers.

The nutritional content of Alaska Pollock is very high;
Protein – 17.2 g
Iron – 0.2 mg
Sodium – 99mg
Potassium – 326 mg

If Alaska Pollock fish is frozen commercially and stored in the home freezer it can stay for 8-9 months. Since this fish has a mild flavor, today’s food service customers prefer it, as it has a more delicate taste. Alaska Pollock fillets are bone free and flaky and has a consistent snow white color. This fish has a tender texture with lean and flaky qualities. The fish is available fresh or frozen, headed and gutted, fillets, and blocks.

As EU restrictions on Chinese seafood exports have eased out, the supply of Alaska Pollock from China have increased and the prices have gone down. So we at Siam Canadian can offer you this excellent quality fish at a very competitive rate.

We have international procuring resources for Alaska Pollock, combined with the strictest quality monitoring procedures. The world class reputation which Siam Canadian has built up over the years is due to its ability to customize programs that maintains a steady and constant delivery and supply of Alaska Pollock  in fillet ( APO Fillet) and Headless gutted ( HG) that meets the demands of the World Market. We do not compromise on quality and we provide you with the best possible business deal.

We also offer state of the art processing and packaging facilities for Alaska Pollock and we locally customize your packaging services with your own brand and private label. We can expedite your purchases, as we have regional office locations. We also have instant access to real time market information.

Siam Canadian has a dedicated, full time quality assurance team at each regional location that checks the quality of Alaska Pollock meat. Our state of the art laboratory, tests for micro-organisms, antibodies etc. We guarantee that our products will meet and exceed internationally accepted industry standards.

We maintain our constant commitment to service by constantly evaluating our business methods and we look for new methods to improve our operational procedures and products offerings. What is most important is that Siam Canadian listens carefully to their customer’s needs. We realize fully that every improvement we make in our business will be a direct benefit to theirs.

To maximize efficiency and minimize the cost of Alaska Pollock meat, we have formed an extensive network of trusted partnerships with Southeast Asia’s complex seafood industry. This provides Siam Canadian with the critical knowledge and timely information about Alaska Pollock industry.

We at Siam Canadian have built up a world class reputation and have become one of the industry leaders in sourcing and delivering the highest quality frozen meat to major buyers worldwide. We also have interlinked offices strategically located throughout Southeast Asia – including Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar(Burma), China, and India.

We take care of your needs in the best possible manner and guarantee satisfaction. So, put all your faith and confidence in us.

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