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Top Quality White Fish From Siam Canadian – China Cod

China cod is processed in China with the raw material coming from both the Atlantic and the Pacific. The Atlantic cod sometimes grows to 6 ft or more. These cods are not found deeper than 660 ft. They can be harvested all the year round.

The Pacific cod has a brownish grey, mottled back white sides and belly. Pacific cod has a soft-finned fish. Cods have three dorsal and two ventral fins. They have a distinctive whisker on the end of their lower jaw. The Pacific cod and the Atlantic cod are very similar but the former is slightly smaller. The cod is caught by trawlers and some are caught by long lines or pots. Product forms are frozen dressed cod. Frozen blocks of fillets are sold for further processing or cod mince (fine pieces or flakes of flesh). Block and mince are reprocessed into breaded products. Siam Canadian buys H&G Atlantic and Pacific cod and reprocesses them in their packing partner plants in China for re-export. Then they export this China cod in various forms to their customers. Cod is the world’s most popular white fish. It has a flaky white flesh and delicate flavour. The price of cod has gone up because of scarcities.

Cod captured in the frigid waters of the Atlantic is frozen at sea immediately after it is captured. China cod is usually sold as skinless, boneless fillets. China Cod which was used, at one point of time, only in the fish and chips, fast food joints is now being used in high class restaurants. China cod can be baked, poached and grilled.

We at Siam Canadian check the quality of cod meat, once we have sourced it. We follow stringent quality control measures. The cod meat is inspected very carefully to avoid any kind of bacterial microorganisms. Our dedicated quality control team is one of the best.

We are striving to be the world leader in the export of China cod. Our company is fully equipped to satisfy our customers with our quality china cods and rates. We continuously evaluate our business techniques, in order to provide maximum benefit to our customers. We constantly get market information from strategic business points, and this helps us to keep our operations running smoothly. We look forward to a fruitful business relationship with you.

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