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Delicious China Salmon from Siam Canadian

China salmon, as a fish is very high in its nutritional value. China salmon are high in Omega 3s. This keeps the fat fluid at low temperature and gives flexibility to cell membranes. It also keeps the blood from clotting abnormally or excessive inflammation. Salmon therefore is good for heart patients.

China has a long history of seafood consumption especially the traditional diet of fish. Even twenty years ago, China had not been an important market for the global fish exporters. Now the economy has moved to a more market oriented one. There have been tremendous changes in the last twenty years. The economic growth has been speedier than other developing countries. China owns many fishery resources, 18,000km coastline and over 3,000 marine species. China is one of the major fish producing countries of the world, an important one being the China salmon. In recent years more attention has been paid to the development of fishery technology. China now prepares value added products for exportation. Siam Canadian has strategically based local offices in China, Burma,Thailand. Vietnam, and India.

Other countries, mainly the US, export the Atlantic Salmon to China. Therefore, the Chinese Salmon has become a major seafood product over the last ten years. Chinese Salmon and Chum salmon have become a popular item in the recent five years. There are whole fish or fish fillet, ready to eat sushi, or fried Salmon cake Siam Canadian is a major exporter of China Salmon and Chum Salmon to the international market.

Chinese Salmon is also processed as chum portions in Quingdao, Dalian and Yantai which are the centers of China’s coldwater fish reprocessing industry. The US exports of frozen chums to China have tripled every year. A special variety of Chinese Salmon, Salmo Trutta Fario is processed in Yadong County. This variety of Chinese Salmon is delicious in taste. China Salmon grown wild is about half to one kilogram, while those artificially cultivated can be as heavy as two to three kilograms.

We at Siam Canadian offer state of the art processing and packaging facilities for China Salmon and Chum Salmon. We can locally do your packaging with your own brand and private label. Our quality assurance teams checks the product for micro organisms and anti bodies. In this manner we are able to meet the internationally accepted industry standards.

Siam Canadian provides the critical knowledge and timely information necessary to its China Salmon importers. We have built up our reputation by supplying the highest quality China Salmon to major buyers. The processing which is done in our local processing plants gives us an edge over the US and therefore we can provide you the best bargain so far as quality and price is concerned. China has the largest chum salmon processing plants from where we get our products.

We get our China salmon from the North East Coast of China. We constantly try to improve our operational procedures and product offerings and every improvement that we make is a direct benefit to our clients.

We therefore make sure, that we have a constant delivery and supply procedure that meets the demands of the International market. This enables us to maximize our efficiency and deliver quality product at a very competitive rate. We are looking forward to doing business with you and we can guarantee total and complete satisfaction.

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