Published: November 6, 2012
Tom Seaman

China Show Shrimp PricesSiam Canadian boss feels shrimp prices won’t drop
A take-home message from GOAL in Bangkok and the China Fisheries & Expo is that shrimp prices are unlikely to drop for a while, said Jim Gulkin, managing director of Siam Canadian Group.

“Based on the current situation, I am confident that shrimp prices will not drop for the rest of the year and probably not drop through Q1 2013,” Gulkin told Undercurrent News.

“Indonesia prices are moving up. The Indian season over; China is over; and Vietnam and Thailand have serious shortages due to disease issues,” he said.

The extent of early mortality syndrome (EMS) and the fact a counter has not been found was the talk of GOAL and the Dalian show.

For a graph of Thai raw material shrimp prices, take a look at the Undercurrent News prices portal.

Undercurrent News
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