China Tilapia

China Tilapia, Hilsa, Mrigal

China Tilapia – A Commercially Viable Fish

China is by far the biggest producer of Tilapia Fish. Tilapia is a warm, freshwater fish belonging to the Cichlid family. The taste is mild with a sweet flavor, the meat being white, lean and flaky. Chinese Tilapia has a high protein content and it is low in fat. The fish generally grows to 1-1.5 pounds.

This fish has a deep body, large scales, concave head and large jaws. There are spines on dorsal and anal fins. Tilapia fish is found in streams, canals, lakes, ponds and estuaries.

Tilapia are not carnivorous. They eat algae and plants. Tilapia is low on the food chain and since they are not carnivorous they do not have toxins in their bodies. Hence it is a healthier food for humans.

Commercially Tilapia is very popular because it is tasty. China’s Tilapia has a very big market in all parts of the world. Therefore this is a cash generating fish. Siam Canadian sells it Whole Gutted or as Tilapia Fillets. We harvest it from China, Vietnam, India, Myanmar and Asia. We offer excellent quality of China Tilapia at very competitive rates.

Hilsa – An All Time Delicacy

Hilsa is a longish silvery fish, and has a delicious taste. It is extremely popular both at home and social functions. This fish is very bony. So the fish is steamed for a long time till the bones becomes soft and can be chewed. The Hilsa roe also has an excellent flavor. There is one pair of roe sacks which is removed after the fish is cut open and sold separately. As a side dish, it is probably even more tasty. Hilsa roe is to be found in the market early in November and is most tasty at the year end.

Siam Canadian is a big exporter of this fish to the world market.

Mrigal – Commonly Eaten In All South East Asian Countries

The Mrigal is a major Indian carp. It is one of the most widely farmed species. It is farmed in the Indo-Gangetic flood plains of India and in the rivers of Myanmar that drain into the Bay of Bengal. It is an important fish of South and Southeast Asia. This fish is tropical and hardy and can tolerate oxygen conditions.

Siam Canadian sources Mrigal in volumes from India and Myanmar and processes it in its local factory. It supplies very high quality Mrigal to all its clients at very affordable rates.

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