Cod, Squid, Tuna

Special Tasty Offerings from Siam Canadian

Cod – The Delicately Flavoured Cod Is Highly In Demand

Probably the most important whitefish in the world is Cod. The flesh is succulent and flaky and it has a delicate flavour. Good quality cod is resilient in texture.

The Pacific cod is definitely commercially the most important. It grows fairly fast and lives for about 18 years. It is available throughout the year.

Siam Canadian gets the best quality pacific cod through international procuring resources. We have a steady and constant supply of Pacific cod to meet the demands of our customers all over the world.

Another Siam Canadian product is the China cod. This is brought to China from the Atlantic and the Pacific. They are available all the year round. The product is sold as frozen dressed cod. Siam Canadian gets processed Atlantic and Pacific cod and reprocesses them in their plants in China for re-export. China cod is usually sold as skinless, boneless fillets. This cod has now gained immense popularity all over the world.

Another Siam Canadian offering is the Reef cod which is found only in India, mainly Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. We source and process Reef cod in our local factory in Vishakapatnam (A.P.) and ship it out. Needless to say our quality of Reef cod is unbeatable.

Tuna- A Highly Popular Variety Fish

The Yellowfin tuna has an upper body which is black with blue overtones. The belly is silvery. There are yellow stripes along the body and belly. The Skipjack tuna has a blue black upper body. Skipjack tuna has a silvery lower body and has 4-6 long dark stripes. The long tail Tuna has a long slender body. The upper body is blue black and the lower body is silvery white. The Mackerel tuna has a green blue upper body with dark stripes. The dog tooth Tuna has an upper body which is dark blue black. The lower body is silvery grey.

Tuna is one of Siam Canadian’s tastier varieties of fish. We source, process and export this fish in a frozen form. You can try us out for the best quality tuna meat.

Squid- A Mollusk Gathering Momentum In The World Market

Squid is generally fished using mobile trawl nets. Squid pots are hung from a drifting vessel’s side as well as from extended poles. The Giant squid has a torpedo shaped body. They are carnivorous mollusks. It has a beak like mouth which can cut through steel cable. There are five pair of arms.

Siam Canadian gets top class squid meat and exports it to countries all over the world. We purchase in volume and therefore can maintain a steady supply. Squid belonging to the Cephalopod is a delicacy which is not commonly found in all top class restaurants. At Siam Canadian you can be assured and feel confident that you have got value for your money.

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