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Shrimp is America’s favorite seafood. The shrimp meat which is dense and white has a fresh, exquisite flavor. Shrimp can be bought fresh and cleaned (deveined) and also precooked. Cooked shrimp can be used as a quick, convenient recipe ingredient.

Most shrimp is frozen after being caught at sea, for optimum freshness. The fat and calorie content of shrimp is low. But the cholesterol content of cooked shrimp is high – 166 milligrams of cholesterol per 3 ounce serving.

There are some three hundred varieties precooked shrimp sold all over the world. But salt water shrimp are usually of the warm or cold water species. Warm water shrimp are generally white, pink and brown caught in the tropical waters. Another warm water variety is the rock shrimp which has a hard shell but very sweet meat. Cold water shrimp have a firmer meat and sweeter flavor.

Cooked shrimps come in very many sizes; larger shrimps have a higher price. Very large shrimp in some places are called prawns. They may also be sold as canned or packaged frozen cooked shrimp. Cooked shrimp has to be bought the day they are to be cooked. Frozen, airtight packaging is used for cooked shelled and deveined shrimp. They will keep for two months if your freezer is at zero degrees or colder.

Cooked shrimp should be heated for a time period, so as to destroy harmful organisms. But Cooked shrimp should not be heated for so long that the flesh is toughened. You have to keep a careful watch so that the shrimp is not toughened by overcooking. The cooked shrimp flesh’s color gets changed. Depending on the size of the shrimp, the cooking time varies. There is a change in the color of shrimp flesh when cooked. The flesh becomes opaque and the color changes from greyish green to pink or orange. Cooked shrimp can be baked, boiled, broiled, grilled, micro waved, poached, sautéed, steamed or stir fried.

Commercially frozen shrimp are flash – frozen. It lasts longer in the freezer without deterioration, as there is little handling. Frozen cooked shrimp definitely needs to be thawed in the refrigerator in advance. Cooked baby shrimp is also available canned and can be used as a salad garnish. Jumbo and large shrimp are fully cooked and individually frozen.

Shrimp is precooked and frozen and can remain in the home freezer up to five months. But you should store it till three days after you thaw.

We at Siam Canadian maintain very stringent quality control measures while the cooked shrimp is gathered as well as at the processing units during packing. After harvesting shrimp are cleaned at once, deveined and cooked. Once the shrimp is cooled, it is peeled (with tail on) and quick frozen individually, while they are fully fresh and retain their flavour. Each consignment is carefully checked and the packing containers inspected before shipment. We have a dedicated quality control team which does its work without any compromise.

Shrimp can be cooked in very many ways and served during any meal. Cooked shrimp can also be a value added product because it has high quality protein, vitamins and minerals. Cooked shrimp are also low in calories and easy to digest. Because of its delectable taste there is a great demand for shrimp.

We at Siam Canadian are fully equipped to meet all the demands of cooked shrimp in the international market. We have strategic links with the entire chain of Asia’s seafood industry and are fully equipped to handle all the demand and supply.

Siam Canadian’s motto is complete customer satisfaction. We guarantee you the best in terms of quality and price.

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