Older factories could suffer as flooding threatens seafood hub near Bangkok.
The severe flooding in Thailand is making its way toward Mahachai, the seafood processing hub close to Bangkok.

“It is heading this way. It should hit us in a few day,” said Choopong Lueskprasert, managing director of Marine Gold Products, a Thai shrimp processor.

Most of the factories will be ok, he told IntraFish. “My plant is one of the newer ones, so we are very high off the ground.” However, some plants are likely to be damaged.

“Some of the older ones are much lower than the new roads, so they are likely to be under water,” he said.

The impact on the shrimp business should not be too severe, said Lueskprasert.

“It shouldn’t have much impact on shrimp, as farmers don’t need to flood market with suppliers as they can easily keep their shrimp in the pond and see how situation develops. Also there are factories in other areas, where flooding won’t hit.”

The flooding is impacting the supply chain, said Jim Gulkin, managing director of Siam Canadian Group, a frozen seafood supplier based in Bangkok.

“A number of peripheral suppliers – that produce bags, cartons, breading and ingredients – have been flooded and therefore are affecting the supply chain,” he told IntraFish. “Except for a plant in central Thailand, plants elsewhere have not been affected.”

The flooding in the Mahachai area could have an impact, he said.

“I’m not sure how many plants in the Mahachai area will get hit, but Mahachai is the biggest concentration of seafood factories in the country. At this point, we don’t know how many factories will be flooded and to what extent,” he said.

If it is serious, then it will certainly have an impact on exports, he said.


Source from Intrafish

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