Good Quality, Healthy Freshwater Fish

Good Quality, Healthy Seafood

Good Quality Freshwater FishFreshwater fish products form an important part of South East Asia’s fishing industry. There is a great variety of freshwater fish available in this area, especially India and Myanmar as well as Vietnam. These freshwater fish are extremely popular in the South East Asian countries, Middle East and among the Asian communities in EU, and are gradually gaining immense popularity in the western world also.

Siam Canadian is high up on the list of freshwater fish exports. Since its birth in 1987, the company has expanded to a great extent at the operational level. It sources and exports the finest quality fresh water fish products, to the Global Market.

We at Siam Canadian have our regional offices in Vietnam, Myanmar, China, India and Thailand. These offices are all strategically interlinked and in each place, we make use of local knowledge and expertise, to allow the smooth running of all operations. There is a variety of freshwater fishes in our product range, each providing its own nutritional value. We have a large list of clientele. Importers, the world over especially U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Mexico import our freshwater fish.

We source our products, from all the major freshwater hubs of India and Myanmar. We also source fishes like carp, Sabalo, Paty, Boga from Argentinean & Uruguayan packers. These are in good demand in Iraq, Italy, UK. We can therefore offer, our products at prices which are unmatched anywhere else. Our bulk purchasing schemes, allows us to give our importers a very good deal. We invite all importers to tap into our vast international resources for freshwater fish.

Consistency in maintaining high quality in the freshwater fish market, has earned us our reputation over the years. We also pay careful attention to sizing, grading and packing. If required we can also customize our products and make your own packaging for you, with your own labels.
Maintaining schedules, a standard quality and good packaging are the thumb rules that we follow without failing. The products once harvested are immediately frozen. This ensures quality, so that when the product reaches our client, it is as fresh as it was when it was caught. So for a hassle free buying experience of freshwater fishes, come to us at Siam Canadian.

Here is a range of our freshwater fishes- Vietnam Catfish, under which comes Basa, Tra, Pacific Dorey, and River Cobbler. These freshwater fish are sold as Whole Round, Whole Cleaned, Fillets, Breaded Fillets, and Seasoned Fillets. Hilsa is sold Whole Round. Rohu, Mrigal, Ayer, Catla, Boal are sold Whole Gutted or Steaks Block Frozen. Chital a very tasty fish is sold Whole Gutted, and Tilapia is sold in the form of fillets.

So come to us at Siam Canadian for a whole new experience in freshwater fish.

For price quotes and any further information on freshwater fish feel free to call us today at:

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