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There are about 300 fish species like Boal fish, Hilsa and Myanmar Fish in Myanmar freshwaters. The fish fauna here includes many peculiar fish types. The fresh water fishes like Boal fish, Hilsa and Myanmar Fish are generally found in the Indawgyi Lake in Northern Myanmar. Inle Lake known for its crystalline waters has other endemic species.

The Burmese word for fish is Nga. Around 2000, Myanmar exported 26,900 tons of fish and prawn and export earnings went up to 74 million US dollars. Myanmar’s annual fish production is over 9,10,000 tons of fish and prawn. These are freshwater, as well as deep sea fish. There are more than 40,480 hectares of fish and prawn breeding ponds in Myanmar. The fishery industry forms a strong backbone to the Myanmar economy. Therefore, Myanmar’s fishery resources, play a definite role in the improvement of income and generation of employment.

The long coast line of Myanmar is 3000 kilometre and swamp along the coast is about 1.5 million hectares which serve as spawning, nursery and feeding grounds for aquatic organisms and brakish water fauna. A large amount of pelagic fish and demersal fish exist along the continental shelf which spreads over 228751 kilometres square.

There are three distinct fishing zones: onshore, inshore, and offshore. Freshwater fisheries consist of (a) fish culture (b) leasable fish (c) open fisheries. Marine fisheries have (a) inshore fisheries (b) offshore fisheries. Onshore fishermen use gears such as traps, stake net and cast net. Fishing gear is dependent on the ebb and flow of tide. In the inshore area fishermen use gilnets, drift nets, shore seine, small long lines, hand lines and cast nets. Hilsa is caught with a gear called encircling gilnets.

Myanmar fish is traditionally consumed in dried, salted, fermented, sauce and paste form. Recently fish exporters have made arrangements for ice making, cold storage, processing and handling. Small scale fishermen now carry ice and keep insulated fish holes or carry ice boxes (provided by processors) in their boats. Freshwater giant prawns are cultivated here. Shrimp forms the most important export. It accounts for nearly 50% of the export. Lately some marine fish like Barramundi, Red Snapper, Chinese Pomfret and Hairtail are being exported. Australia is the main market. Frozen shrimp is mostly exported to HongKong and to the United States and dried shrimp to the far east. In addition, Myanmar is one of the largest producers and exporters of Rohu, Hilsa, Katla, Mirgal, Ayer, Chital, Koi, Basa and Boal fish as well as many other fresh and seawater fish varieties.

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