Promising Thai shrimp export growth for 2012 : January 13, 2012

Thai Shrimp exports look set grow, despite disease and trade barrier worries.

Thailand’s shrimp industry looks promising this year despite grave concerns about viral outbreaks and rising international trade barriers in light of the fragile U.S. and EU economies, reported The Bangkok Post.

With global demand for shrimp remaining strong and affordable prices, Thai shrimp exports is expected to grow, said Somsak Paneetatyasai, president of the Thai Shrimp Association.

“But this is the case only if no calamities break out like last year and farmers have decent farming management plans”,  he said.

According to the industry’s body, the world’s shrimp production was estimated at 2,235 million metric tons in 2011, a slight drop from 2.35 million metric tons in 2010, with Thailand’s farmed shrimp production making up 600,000 metric tons, down 6 percent from 2010.

The country’s exports for 11 months ending in November were 361,460 metric tons, a 7.87 percent drop from year-on-year, but by value the rose 9.78 percent to THB 101.13 billion (€ 2.5 billion/$3.2 billion).

The production decline was mainly attributed to heavy floods in late 2010 and early 2011 in the southern region and heavy rain and cool weather in the central and eastern regions in the second half of the year.

Panneetatyasai warned the industry remains concerned about rising non-tariff barriers in importing countries in light of the weak global economy.

Of particular concern are the anti-dumping (AD) penalties by the US and the generalized system of preferences (GSP) cut by the European Union.

Washington currently imposes a 0.73 percent import tariff on Thai shrimp, a significant drop from 6 percent in 2004, when the world’s largest economy first launched anti-dumping duty on Thai products to protect its local industry.

According to Somsak, U.S. authorities are reviewing the AD duty on shrimp imports and Thai exporters are hoping for the best.

Source from Intrafish
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