Rohu, Katla, Ayer

Rohu – Majorly Eaten In South East Asia Rohu whose scientific name is Labeo Rohita, is a freshwater brackish fish. Rohu is highly commercial and is one the fishes which are eaten by all fish eaters in India. Rohu is found in the Chilka Lake, Maharashtra, Kerala, Meenachil, Manimala, and Pompa rivers. It grows to a maximum size of 200 cm in length and 45 kgs in weight. It lives for a period of 10 years. Rohu is commonly distributed in Asia – Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal.

The upper body of Rohu has dark scales, the lower body and the belly is golden brown. It has a dark brown dorsal fin and tail. The pelvic pectoral and anal fins have a red tint. Back gutted Rohu is typically found in weedy and slow flowing or standing waters of lakes, ponds, pools and rivers. To catch Rohu, the baits used are weed or bread. Rohu, also known as Ruee, Rui and Tapra is a strong fish that will put up a good fight when it is being brought in on the fishing tackle.

Siam Canadian offers Rohu, a freshwater fish which is a hot favorite and commonly eaten in Southeast Asia. The bigger the size of the fish the tastier it is. We at Siam Canadian procure, process and export back gutted Rohu to the global market. As we purchase in large volumes, we can offer it at a very competitive rate. We sell it both Whole Gutted and also as Block Frozen steaks.

Myanmar Katla – A Very Popular Freshwater Fish

An adult Myanmar Katla has a deep body, a conspicuous head, large upturned mouth, non-fringed lips and a broad dorsal fin with 14-16 branched rays. Katla’s body has a dull silvery white color and is rather darkish in weedy water.

Katla grows very quickly, 7.5-10 cm per month. Katla feeds on water fleas, vegetable debris and algae. Catla when cooked is very tasty because of the thickness of meat and the oil content. Catla is a very popular fish and has a regular and steady sale. The prices of Katla are also very reasonable. Katla is to be found on an everyday basis on a fish eater’s table.

Siam Canadian purchases Katla in huge volumes, processes it in its factory in Vishakapatnam and ships it to various parts of the world. There is no compromise on quality as our quality control team works in a very dedicated manner and checks each container before shipment. Katla is mainly procured from the coastal waters of Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

Myanmar Ayer – A Succulent, Tasty and Flaky Fish

Ayer is a silvery white fish and has a very sweet taste. The meat of Ayer is succulent and flaky. Ayer is mainly sourced from the rivers of India and Myanmar. Ayer can be cooked with various Indian spices. Myanmar Ayer can also be baked and micro waved to form a tasty meal of fish. Siam Canadian gets the best quality Ayre and ships it to various parts of the global market.

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