Shrimp Rings

An Exotic and Delicious Product Offering From Siam Canadian

A Shrimp Ring is a ring of shrimp that encircles cocktail sauce in the middle. Shrimp is one of the favorite sea foods of Americans. The dense white meat has a mild flavor and can be cooked with other ingredients. Shrimps are low in fat and calories. There are tiny shrimps, as well as colossal. The larger the shrimp, the more the cost.

Shrimp Rings make a very tasty snack or appetizer. Shrimp Rings are generally farm raised and cooked. Shrimp Rings are specially processed and prepared. The fresh, headless raw shrimp is processed immediately after harvest. Then Shrimp Rings are cooked in a special manner. Each is carefully and individually frozen. All Shrimp Rings are glazed over by pure water to avoid dehydration and breakage.

The shrimp is made into a Cocktail Ring. The Black Tiger shrimp is cooked tail-on. Thailand provides excellent Black Tiger Shrimp Rings with delicious cocktail sauce. There is a great demand for Shrimp Rings because not only are they tasty but very reasonably priced.

Shrimp Rings as appetizers can start off any party with a bang. Shrimp Rings are succulent and are found in various sizes for any occasion. Each ring is surrounded by an exotic cocktail sauce. These shrimps are cultivated and harvested in Asia (China, Thailand, India and Vietnam). Shrimpss have now become affordable to all classes of people. Shrimp rings are found in the supermarkets and fast food chains.

Shrimp rings are available cooked and also flavored. Shrimp rings are made from Black Tigers and Vannamei whites.

Siam Canadian offers shrimp rings made from shrimp in different sizes. Shrimps rings are skin packed with cocktail and a clear dome or in a printed inner box with or without sauce and shrimp wedges skin packed with cocktail sauce.

Siam Canadian’s Black Tiger Shrimp is based on a per pound value. If the box comes labeled 21/25, that means it is 21-25 shrimp per pound. Hence, smaller size automatically amounts to larger numbers. Large shrimps are more expensive. Maximum commercial availability, among shrimps is the Vannamei white shrimp. The shrimp ring sizes are typically 6 oz to 40 oz.

We at Siam Canadian export substantial quantities of shrimp rings. Our customers who are importers are always satisfied with our product quality of Shrimp Rings. We provide our best to our business partners, so that they can get the maximum benefit.

For price quotes and any further information on Shrimp Rings, feel free to call us today at:

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