Soft Shell Crab

A Subtle & Sweet Flavored Delicacy With The True Essence Of The Sea

Probably one of the most favorite seafood delicacies is the soft shell crab. All crabs shed their shells from time to time. The shedding of the crab shells is a process called molting. During molting the old shell splits and the crab backs out of it. Gradually the new shell develops and hardens during the course of the next 2-3 months. But only some species of crab can be eaten in this form.

Soft shelled crabs grow quickly to adulthood – 12-18 months. A Blue soft shell crab which is full grown will measure 8 inches. When the body of the soft shell crab grows 30%, it loses its shell. The harvesting of the Blue soft shell crab is done by commercial crabbers who place it in floating tanks. There is a faint line next to the crab’s finlet. The color of this line, tells the crabbers when the crab will shed its shell.

Once the soft shell crab has shed its shell, the live soft crabs are put into waxed boxes, till they are ready to be packaged. Then the soft shell crabs are sorted according to their size and placed in wax boxes which have damp seaweed. After that the soft crabs are ready to be shipped.

Soft shelled crabs come in five basic sizes. Whales, Jumbos, Primes, Hotels and Mediums. They are shipped live but marketed fresh. These crabs sometimes move when touched. Sometimes, hearty crabs can survive the journey. But most of them perish in transit. The Blue crab’s mortality is mostly affected by motion and heat. To determine whether the soft shelled Blue crab is fresh, you have to smell it. An Ammonia odor proves that the soft shell crab is not fresh enough. Dead Blue crabs which have no odor are still fresh enough to eat. Firmness and texture are an indication of freshness.

Soft shelled crab and imitation crab are best stored in cool, moist packaging. 36 degree coolers are necessary to keep the product fresh. Live crabs at 36 degrees will ultimately die, but if it is still fresh, cleaned and frozen, soft shelled crabs can be consumed later.

We at Siam Canadian procure the best quality soft shell crab and imitation crab and test it for quality. We do not compromise on quality at all, and our quality inspection team is excellent. We also look for appropriate care and handling to ensure that the best products are sent to our customers. We ensure safe processing and importing of soft shell crabs.

Soft shelled Blue crabs should be fully cooked before consumption. The bacterial pathogens are destroyed while cooking.

We meticulously supervise the grading and packaging and adopt stringent sanitation methods. Soft shelled crab is a flavored delicacy which Siam Canadian provides all its customers at competitive rates.

For price quotes and any further information on soft shell crab and imitation crab, feel free to call us today at:

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