Tuna Saku Steak

A Bright Red Fish In High Demand

What is CO Tuna

Popularly Tuna is eaten raw as Sashmi. An indication of the freshness of the fish is its bright red color. This bright red color is caused by oxygenated muscle pigments.

When the fish is alive, myoglobin which is the muscle pigment carries oxygen to the working muscles. This gives it a bright red pigmentation. But when a fish is stored for sometime, and is exposed to oxygen, the red color changes to shades of brown.

Lately, carbon monoxide, has been used to treat Tuna meat to retain red color for a longer time or to change the brown color to red. Tuna cuts which are fresh, chilled or thawed, if treated with CO obtains a bright red color.

There are apparently no health impairment if you eat CO treated Tuna. CO treatment makes the Tuna look fresh. Stale Tuna will change in texture and odour apart from changes in color and hence it’s been treated with CO and is termed as CO Tuna.

CO Treated Tuna makes the fish look fresh

The seafood trade all over the world has kept growing steadily over the last decade. Therefore Tuna which was a seasonal delicacy is now available all the year round. What is important is that when Tuna reaches the consumers it should look fresh. We spray tuna with CO, whether it is fresh or conventionally frozen and thawed. This prevents the Tuna from turning into an unappetizing brown.

Southeast Asia is a major processor and exporter of treated Tuna meat. The Food and Drug Administration claims that the treatment process is not harmful, as long as it is not used to mask spoiled fish. We at Siam Canadian sell high quality, flash frozen fish, CO treated to our importers. People love the bright red color of Tuna.

Siam Canadian’s high quality CO Tuna

The freshness of Tuna is not only determined by its color. Apart from color the other factors are fat content, species and cut that determines the freshness of Tuna. Fresh, Bluefin Tuna which is of a very high quality is a pale, pink because of the fine web of white fat that is formed inside the red flesh. Siam Canadian procures high quality frozen product which can be safely transported, thawed when needed and also retain its fresh look. CO treated tuna is alright if the meat is of good quality and the treatment is controlled.

Siam Canadian has a highly dedicated quality control team which effectively checks meat quality. Our sourcing experts procure CO Tuna meat from the best sources, and we also buy in volumes. Our quality and price therefore are unmatchable.

We have a steadily growing business since 1987, and we have reached the status of a market leader today. We can comfortably say that we are one of the primary exporters of CO Tuna, Saku and Steak to importers all over the world. We have a long list of satisfied customers who buy from us in bulk. We therefore look forward to more people who can do business with us. We can offer you the best in the industry.

Siam Canadian is one of the industry leaders in sourcing and delivering of the highest quality frozen seafood products like the CO Tuna, Saku and Steak to major buyers worldwide.

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