Seafood Information

Cooked Shrimp

Top Quality Shrimp from Siam Canadian Shrimp is America’s favorite seafood. The shrimp meat which is dense and white has

India Fish

A Delicious Variety of Freshwater Fishes Two very important facets of the Indian economy is fishery and aquaculture. Out of

Horse Mackerel

Horse Mackerel, Cuttlefish, China Monkfish Siam Canadian’s Horse Mackerel, Cuttlefish and China Monkfish are highly in demand Horse Mackerel –

China Seafood

Top Quality China Seafood from Siam Canadian! Now you can source the highest quality China seafood through us at

China Salmon

Delicious China Salmon from Siam Canadian China salmon, as a fish is very high in its nutritional value. China salmon

China Fish

A Quality Collection of Tasty China Fishes China has now surpassed Thailand and other countries to become the largest exporter

China Tilapia

China Tilapia, Hilsa, Mrigal China Tilapia – A Commercially Viable Fish China is by far the biggest producer of Tilapia

Baby Octopus

Siam Canadian’s Baby Octopus is primarily found in the waters off Thailand, India and Vietnam. Baby Octopus like squid are cephalopods, but Octopus have eight tentacles. Most Octopi are usually one or two feet in length and weigh around three pounds. The baby octopi are around three to five inches in length.