Seafood Information

Alaska Pollock

The Perfect Whitefish – Alaska Pollock We at Siam have been procuring the highest quality Alaska Pollock, which stands

Asian shrimps and its recipes

Asian shrimps and its recipes Seafood happens to be the favorite food of many people. It’s low in fat content,

Thailand Seafood

Top Quality Thailand Seafood from Siam Canadian! Now you can source the highest quality Thailand Seafood from Siam Canadian. Thailand

Yellowfin Sole & Yellowfin Tuna

An Important Siam Canadian Product Yellowfin sole or limanda aspera is a long living and slow growing fish. The yellowfin

Green Mussels and Scallops

Competitively priced Green Mussels and scallops from Siam Canadian The biological name of Green Mussels is Pernaviridis. They attach to

Green Mussels

General Facts About Green Mussels Green mussels are cultivated in New Zealand and China. They are bivalve mollusks. They belong

Cod, Squid, Tuna

Special Tasty Offerings from Siam Canadian Cod – The Delicately Flavoured Cod Is Highly In Demand Probably the most important