Seafood Information

Reef Cod

Siam Canadian’s Reef Cod – A Quality Product from India Reef cod is a variety of fish whose texture and

Red Shrimp

Black Tiger Shrimp The Finest Quality Black Tiger Shrimp and Red Shrimp from We at SiamCanadian.Com offer the highest quality

Pacific Cod

A Very Important Product for Today’s Food Service Industry – Pacific Cod Commercially an important food species is the Pacific

Myanmar Fish

A Competitive, High Quality Range of Products from Siam Canadian There are about 300 fish species like Boal fish, Hilsa

Pasteurized Crab

Siam Canadian’s Pasteurized Crab – The Freshest, highest possible quality The Pasteurized crab ranks high on the list of seafood

Malaysia Seafood

Are you looking for a leading name in the seafood exporting industry from Malaysia? Siam Canadian will definitely serve as

Tuna Saku Steak

A Bright Red Fish In High Demand What is CO Tuna Popularly Tuna is eaten raw as Sashmi. An indication

India Shrimp

One of Siam Canadian’s Largest Export Volume Items The largest concentration of India shrimp farming in India is found along

India Seafood

An Exotic Range of Top Quality Fish and Seafood India is a land of exotic fish and seafood. A huge