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Giant Octopus Supplier

About Us Siam Canadian founded in 1987, has grown to become an industry leader in sourcing and delivering the highest

Frozen Fish

Anything Your Palate Desires – Choose From Siam Canadian’s Huge Variety of frozen seafood The frozen fish and frozen seafood

Vietnam sea bass

Widely Eaten Tasty Fish From Siam Canadian The sea bass whose scientific name is Lates Calcarifer, belongs to the family

Swimming Crab

Siam Canadian’s Swimming Crab – Excellent Product at Bargain Price The swimming crab is a fast moving Swimming Crab. It

Spanish Mackerel

Mackerel – It Is A Popular Fish Consumed All Over The World. The main species of mackerel that Siam Canadian

Soft Shell Crab

A Subtle & Sweet Flavored Delicacy With The True Essence Of The Sea Probably one of the most favorite seafood

Shrimp Rings

An Exotic and Delicious Product Offering From Siam Canadian A Shrimp Ring is a ring of shrimp that encircles cocktail


Rohu, Katla, Ayer Rohu – Majorly Eaten In South East Asia Rohu whose scientific name is Labeo Rohita, is a